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Shadow Work: How to Discover Your Inner Power

February 05, 2024 Season 13 Episode 11
ReikiCafe Radio
Shadow Work: How to Discover Your Inner Power
Show Notes

Welcome back to another amazing episode of ReikiCafe Radio! Join us for an inspiring conversation that dives into the world of Shadow Work—a transformative process for personal healing and growth.

We'll talk about:

~ Understanding Your Shadow: Uncover the hidden parts of yourself that hold back your true potential

~ Embracing the Dark Side: Learn how to accept and integrate these aspects while healing from the inside out

~ Tools & Techniques: How Shamanic Reiki supports shadow work and helps bring in light and healing

~ Personal Stories: Hear from others who have experienced profound change through this process.

We'll also talk about why shadow work gets a bad wrap, the importance of compassion, how shadow work relates to the dark night of the soul and so much more.

So grab your tea or coffe, and join us as we sip our way through this week's episode!

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