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Cord Cutting 101: Why, How, Energetics, and More

January 26, 2024 Christine Renee and Isabel Wells Season 13 Episode 8
ReikiCafe Radio
Cord Cutting 101: Why, How, Energetics, and More
Show Notes

Welcome back to another Flashback Friday episode of ReikiCafe Radio! This week, join us for a discussion on energetic cords and cord cutting! In addition to Reiki tips, business advice, and Chakra questions, one thing we hear most often from the spiritual community is questions about cord cutting. 

In this episode, we cover:

  • What is an energetic cord?
  • How do they develop?
  • When should you cut a cord?
  • Is it safe? How do you do it? 
  • Can cords grow back? 
  • What if your cord is attached to a still-living person?
  • How limiting beliefs impact cords
  • And so much more!

So grab your tea or coffee and join us as we sip our way through this week's episode!

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