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Guided Shamanic Journey to Meet Your Power Animal

January 19, 2024 Christine Renee and Isabel Wells Season 13 Episode 6
ReikiCafe Radio
Guided Shamanic Journey to Meet Your Power Animal
Show Notes

Hello and welcome back to another Flashback Friday episode of ReikiCafe Radio! This week's episode is a recording of our most popular webinar to date, Journey to Meet Your Power Animal. Your Power Animal is with you from birth, guiding you through this life and offering protection along your healing journey. In this episode, we will travel to the Lower World to identify, meet, and communicate with your Power Animal.

Shamanic journeying is just one of the many ways we can integrate shamanic techniques with our Reiki healing journey. Merging your Reiki practice with Shamanic techniques will transform the way you approach energetic healing, shifting the dynamic of your sessions to a more grounded place. Unlock the power within and soar to new levels of wisdom and power in your practice.

If you are ready to dive in to healing, learn the art of Shamanic Journeying, connect with your Spirit Team, and develop your spiritual gifts, then join us for Soul Rising! Classes start February 10th. Click here to learn more:

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