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In Solidarity for Inclusion with Víctor Guzmán

December 15, 2023 Christine Renee and Isabel Wells Season 12 Episode 21
ReikiCafe Radio
In Solidarity for Inclusion with Víctor Guzmán
Show Notes

Welcome back to another episode of ReikiCafe Radio! In this conversation, join Christine Renee as she interviews ReikiCafe University student Víctor Guzmán. Víctor is a Reiki practitioner who endeavors to provide a safe space informed by his lived experience as a mixed race LGBT human on his own journey.

In this conversation, Christine and Víctor explore:

🌈 Víctor's Reiki journey
🌈 The impact of Indigenous peoples, land, and spiritual practices
🌈 Víctor's passion for inclusivity in the spiritual community
🌈 The definition of LGBTQ2IA+
🌈 Non-binary identities and their roots in Indigenous communities
🌈 How Reiki and hypnosis can support the Queer community
🌈 And so much more!

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