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How to Heal Your Inner Child

March 13, 2023 Season 9 Episode 10
ReikiCafe Radio
How to Heal Your Inner Child
Show Notes

Welcome back to ReikiCafe Radio! Join ReikiCafe Professors Isabel Wells and Christine Renee as they discuss Inner Child Healing.

This week's episode will take you on a journey through the Inner Child, including discussions on what the Inner Child is, why they appear as certain ages, what circumstances can impact your Inner Child, why and when your Inner Child needs healing, and how to heal your Inner Child.

Along the way, we'll discuss popular topics such as:

  • Limiting Beliefs
  • Love Languages
  • Boredom and the Need for Constant Chaos
  • The Importance of Curiosity
  • And more!

We dive into each of these and explore what they have to do with healing your Inner Child. So if you are ready, grab your tea or coffee and join us for this week's episode!

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