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Finding Your Reiki Glow with Nancy Meikle-Mousseau

February 10, 2023 Season 9 Episode 4
ReikiCafe Radio
Finding Your Reiki Glow with Nancy Meikle-Mousseau
Show Notes

Hello hello and welcome back to another episode of ReikiCafe Radio! In this special bonus episode, join your ReikiCafe professor Isabel Wells as she interviews one of our Reiki Coaching graduates, Nancy Meikle-Mousseau.

Nancy is a creative leading light who found the confidence, freedom, skill, and peace to be able to step into her truest self during her  Reiki Coaching  training. In this episode, she shares about her experiences- her personal revelations, transformational experiences, how her life has shifted since graduation, and what she would say to those who are considering becoming a student with ReikiCafe University.

She shares about how impactful it was to be part of a safe, loving community throughout the process. She highlights how the structure of the course provided a profound amount of wisdom, while still allowing the students and the Universe to guide the learning that took place. She speaks to how she knew this course was right for her, and how her expectations for the course were exceeded in every way.

If you are curious to hear the real, raw, authentic story of what it looks like to be a student with ReikiCafe University, this podcast is for you.

So if you're ready, grab your tea or coffee and join us as we sip our way through this week's episode! Don't forget to subscribe and leave a review!

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