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Coffee Conversation: Journey to Japan

January 23, 2023 Christine Renee and Isabel Wells Season 9 Episode 1
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Coffee Conversation: Journey to Japan
Show Notes

Join Christine Renee and former ReikiCafe University Professor Bruce Taylor for a live conversation about our upcoming pilgrimage to Japan!

In May of 2023, Bruce Taylor will be leading our journey to Kyoto, Japan, the birthplace of Reiki. Our May 1st-7th includes, but not limited to:

⛩ 7 Days/6 Nights in Beautiful Kyoto, The Historical Capital of Japan
Pilgrimages to the Birthplace of Reiki – Mt Kurama (led by Bruce Taylor & Hyakuten Inamoto)
⛩ Reiki Practice, Discussion, and Attunement ON Mt. Kurama (at Osugi Gongen (Pictured below) the Very Site Where Reiki Was First Transmitted to Usui Sensei)
⛩ Reiki Classes and Talks with Bruce Taylor & Hyakuten Inamoto
Reiki Share Evening with Komyo Reiki-Do Teachers and Students
⛩ Tours In And Around Kyoto (Mt. Hiei, Bamboo Forest, Temples and so much more)

If you are a Reiki enthusiast, student, practitioner, or teacher, and are excited to journey to the birthplace of Reiki, join us for this live conversation to learn more!

Learn more about our Japan Pilgrimage this May 1-7th 2023 with Bruce Taylor and Hyakuten Inamoto Sensei here:

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