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Living Your Authentic Reiki Life

January 13, 2023 Christine Renee and Isabel Wells Season 8 Episode 12
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Living Your Authentic Reiki Life
Show Notes

Welcome back to another episode of ReikiCafe Radio! Join professors Isabel Wells and Christine Renee as we explore what an authentic Reiki lifestyle really looks like.

As spiritual practitioners, and humans in general, we grow up hearing so many stories about what it 'should' look like to be our most authentic selves. But true magic and power happens when we realize that authenticity happens outside of the boxes we create for ourselves.

In this conversation, we'll explore what it means to cultivate authenticity, courageously breaking out of the mold, stepping out of the box, and releasing the limits that have been holding you back. Along the way, we'll talk about why it is so powerful to stand in your truth, how to uncover what your truth really is, and so much more!

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For now, grab your tea or coffee and join us as we sip our way through this week's episode!

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