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Shadow Work and Post-Holiday Triggers with Christine

January 02, 2023 Christine Renee and Isabel Wells Season 8 Episode 9
ReikiCafe Radio
Shadow Work and Post-Holiday Triggers with Christine
Show Notes

Hello hello and welcome back to another episode of ReikiCafe Radio! This week join ReikiCafe University founder and president Christine Renee and she explores why shadow work is so important in the face of our triggers.

In this podcast, Christine shares her personal experiences with working through post-holiday triggers, and dives into:

  • What Shadow Work really is
  • Why there is another layer to the Law of Attraction
  • What it means to get curious abotu your triggers
  • Why facing our triggers can be so healing
  • How to do the shadow work
  • And her own personal stories!

With the holidays firmly behind us, you may be feeling the call to work through all of the emotions that arose from the holiday season. This is the perfect episode to help you welcome the year as your most healed and authentic self!

So if you are ready, grab your tea or coffee and join us as we sip our way through this week's episode.

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