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Sacred Relationships with Eric and Julianne Aumen

October 17, 2022 Christine Renee and Isabel Wells Season 7 Episode 11
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Sacred Relationships with Eric and Julianne Aumen
Show Notes

Welcome back to ReikiCafe Radio! This week, join Christine Renee and Sacred Relationships Coaches Eric & Julianne, as we explore Sacred Relationships! We discuss honoring both the Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine within the relationships, from balancing work home life balance to cultivating more love and freedom. If you're interested in identifying a new possibility portal of a couple who strives to "have it all" - the love, success, and the deep intimacy, then this is the conversation for you!

These busy, homeschooling spiritual entrepreneurs are paving a new path to create a new paradigm! Eric & Julianne have been married for seven years. Throughout their time together their family has grown by four children, they have started multiple businesses, experienced hardship and abundance, dived into the depths of their own personal wounds, and come to a place of feeling safe enough in their relationship to share those things with each other.

While supporting each other in doing their own personal work, they also create time to come together to work on cultivating more depth and more intimacy in their relationship. It is their continued devotion that makes their relationship sacred.

Who are Eric & Julianne?? 

As a husband, father, and cosmic shaman, Eric has devoted himself to creating a life of freedom and purpose as well as providing a safe, loving environment for his family to grow. He is honored to support the men and women he works with in creating a life of more depth, freedom, and fulfillment. (Follow on IG @ericaumen)

Julianne has a passion for nurturing all things to their full potential. She is committed to raising her children in a way that encourages new ways of thinking and the self-confidence to follow their hearts wherever they lead. This same love and commitment pours forth in support of all people on the path toward living their hearts' desires. (Follow on IG @julianne.aumen)

Path of Sacred Relationship

Join Eric & Julianne in the Path of Sacred Relationship, a 6-Week Group Experience created to help you bring MORE DEPTH & INTIMACY INTO YOUR RELATIONSHIP

You can have it all.

You can have the kids and the career and the deeply fulfilling romantic relationship all at once. You don’t have to live the narrative that once you have a family all else must suffer. That to raise kids means to put all else second, or that the passion will be gone till the kids are older.

Likewise, you don’t have to sacrifice achieving your goals & dreams in order to create enough time to deepen intimacy with your partner. Time i

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